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New Music: “Driving Ms Daisy” Logic feat. Childish Gambino- Original or Heavy Biting??

The Life As Shay Report:

New Music by Logic featuring Childish Gambino “Driving Ms. Daisy.” I almost forgot that we do have some really creative and cool ass artists out. This song just feels good. After the 1st listen I wasn’t able to take much away from it…which can actually be a good thing. It’s so many layers that it will require several listens. Instantly became one of my current favorites, can’t wait to add this to the rotation. I would be lying if I said this song didn’t sound very, very inspired by Drake’s sound. With the futuristic sound, beat switches, harmonies and intricate background vocals, it left me like “Drake, is that you?”…but no, It was just Logic and Childish. More importantly than that this song feels like 1990’s Hip-Hop to me, which is so rare. It’s exquisite.

I love it. What do you think? Original or Heavy Biting?? It’s going on my playlist folks.

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