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NEW MUSIC: “Dreams” BOOTS feat. Beyonce- Bey Love the Kids

The Life As Shay Report:

Check out new music, Boots feat. Beyonce “Dreams”. BOOTS is a singer/songwriter that was once a hidden character that no one knew much about. Boots co-wrote and produced some of your favorite songs from Beyonce (the album) to include “Drunk in Love” and “Partition.”

And now that it is his time to spread his wings and step onto the main stage as an artist, Mother-Bey  has blessed a tracked from his upcoming mixtape, WinterSpringSummerFall, with her angelic vocals. The best part- the feature was a surprise to Boots. I guess that’s the least she could as a thank you for helping her create an amazing album. Welp, looks like Queen Bey is not too busy to reach back and give those around her a healthy push in the right direction.

Bey Love the Kids.

And I must say that her vocals add to the song is a robust way. The song was certainly missing something before she hopped on.


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