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NEW MUSIC: Busta Rhymes’ “THANK YOU”

The Life As Shay Report:
Busta Rhymes proves that some things never change with his new release,Thank You. It looks like Hip Hop has gotten a littler older as the hit-makers from the past decades intrude on the new boys’ stomping ground. And the OGs are coming hard.
This is a “shake-your-booty” song, but not in a “twerking” type of way (Thank You). Busta always has the hits that make you feel good and this one is no different. He is back like he never left– AND Q -TIP, who is also on the track, went in!
 This song is on repeat.
Thank You also features Lil Wayne and Kanye West, Wanye opens the song and Ye hosts the track. This is some real old school hip hop stuff right here, when you have the hype-man or DJ talking and navigating the listener through the track. ANND for those that completely missed it, they sampled Alicia Myer‘s  I Want To Thank You.
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