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NEW MUSIC: “Blacker The Berry” Kendrick Lamar- Sermon of Reality

The Life As Shay Report:

Unfortunately, there is no secret here. Kendrick Lamar is my favorite of all time. His music has inspired me in so many ways professionally and personally. And his new music has yet again refreshed my passion for what I do with this song. He just released new music “Blacker The Berry” fresh off the heels of winning his first two Grammys for Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song for “i”. I always say that I don’t mean to speak of him the way that I do but if there were more artists with the influence, honesty, message and humble spirit I think I would have more leverage here! I need more people!!!

But the song is just right and in time for Black History month and even takes a nod at Tupac’s line…”blacker the berry sweeter the juice, the darker the flesh and the deeper the root.” Kendrick takes his aggressive tone of urgency and delivers what could be said to be this generations sermon of reality. Race relationships have been shakey since the conception of this nation but in recent times there has been an uproar of civil rights activism and appeal to the African American community. All I ask is that the music that we listen to day-in, day-out and recite so confidently has some message…thank you Kendrick. It’s more than some message. It’s timely and timeless. He uses the racially charged stereotypes of blacks: what we eat, how we look, what we do…and laces them in a song of pride and merit. “I want you to recognize that I’m a proud monkey…” delivering that line alone speaks to millions that may have needed that vote of support for self. The song continues as Kendrick shares his disdain for a society that desires to ravish the culture and pride of blacks. This song has so much to listen to and draw from….I could go on, but you take a listen!

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