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NEW MUSIC: “Ahhh Shit” G-Unit-‘Hands Up You Still Getting Shot’ Michael Brown’s Killing

The Life As Shay Report:

I heard that G-Unit had a new song and I had no idea that with a title like “Ahhh Shit” they would have a message in the song.

G-Unit stepped in the booth to share their thoughts on the killing of Michael Brown, a MO teen shot down by a Police Officer a little over a week ago. This new music comes on the day that the autopsy information on Michael Brown was released and it revealed that he was shot over 6 times and the fatal shot went through his brain. An unarmed teen. The cover art for the track is an image from the autopsy report.

Other artists have shown solidarity for the pursuit of justice for Mike Brown and other black men killed at the hands of cops…but G-Unit is not preaching love, peace and happiness. They have taken on the aggressive, N.W.A, “F-The Police” stance and I can’t say that I’m mad at them. It’s a little scary but I would hope that they are not inciting violence when at this time we need peace most of all to get our point of Equality, Peace and Justice across…
G-Unit tips the scale, we now have the inspiring songs from artists like Ell Verner and J. Cole and at least one “In-Your-Face-It’s-Time-For-War” song from G-Unit.

50-Cent sings: “…Hands up you still getting shot, Here they come- they out on patrol, They killed a few- they out to kill some more.”

May Mike Brown, Ezell Ford, Trayvon Martin and others killed due to senseless crimes and unjust police brutality rest in peace. And may we continue to fight for justice for all.

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