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NEW MUSIC: 2 Chainz feat. Skooly “I’M A DOG”

The Life As Shay Report:

Just when I thought I heard everything 2 Chainz had to offer, he drops this! No lie, no lie, no li-e-i-e-i! I was done with 2 Chainz‘s music ’cause it can be very one dimensional…like you hear one song, you heard them all! But I really like this ish! Well that was until we got to the bridge…”Rur, rugh?” (in my Scooby Doo voice). I can live without the bridge, but just when I started to get turned off…the chorus comes in, “I’m a Dog, I’mma, Imma Dog.” Woo so glad we go back to the good part!! Good thing the the meat of the song (the verses) are fun to listen to! It goes on  my playlist.

I’m A Dog- 2 Chainz feat.  Skooly

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