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NEW MIXTAPE: SCOTTY ATL’s Spaghetti Junction

The Life As Shay Report:

New Mixtape from Scotty ATL, Spaghetti Junction! Scotty ATL is taking on the BIG job of bringing that southern sound back to Hip Hop and he’s doing it effortlessly. Don’t count ATL out. The new mixtape has some hard-hitting features from IamSu, B.O.B., Bun B and Big Gipp to name a few. To say that ATL has elected Scotty as the mayor of the new wave of Atlanta rap is an understatement.

I met Scotty ATL while in Atlanta for the BET Hip Hop Awards and when he walked into the room everyone felt it. He got next.

You can listen to the mixtape on! Tell me what you think? I see a lot of new artists, I listen to a lot of new music…there is so much great talent out there but when I hear something that has its own lane it stands out and I get excited. Scotty ATL has the flow, content, message and respect for the craft that will be nothing but respected and embraced by the masses. Get on Scotty ATL early.

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