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#NEW Chris Brown: “Fine China”… I’m Buying!

The Life As Shay Report:
*tapping my foot and singing….* “Just like Fiiiiiinnee China!!”

CB is back!! I felt so strongly about this that I had to do a post. I always appreciated Chris Brown’s work but recently felt like he had slipped into a realm of mediocrity on the musical front. I’m not sure from where the inspiration for this ‘GREAT NEWNESS’ has sprouted but I am HAPPY for him!!

The new song and video, Fine China, has great MJ sonic and visual influence with original CB dancing and crooning. He has been on the circuit promoting his new project and I’m interested. I heard an interview on Big Boy’s Neighborhood on Power 106 a few days ago and couldn’t help but smile. You can sense his growth, maturity and optimism though the airwaves. It seems that he has completely emerged from the well-known dark place surrounding the incident that taunted his career for years.

I hear this song and his interviews and think WOW…Brand New–How refreshing! But It’s #NEW in an OLD Chris Brown-type of way! In the video he gets back to his “Run It” days with his signature dancing, lyric-based story-line with the “I love you, let me take you away from here” plot.  

He has always been a phenomenal artist but how soon did we forget– What with all of the reports of erratic behavior and rude interactions. Once labeled by the media artists become trapped in an endless cycle of manipulated stories based on provoked behavior all to paint a picture of the character that the media  has created—this is usually a BAD LOOK!
During the interview, Big Boy was sure to give CB the chance to speak on the positive things that he does, those of which don’t make it to press—No surprise, but KUDOS CB!

I believe that the focus is back, the creativity is on and his experiences will make for a well-rounded body of work! If this new single sets the tone for the new album, I’m buying!

Check out the official video for Fine China 

Cheers to that!


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