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Naya Rivera Went Bad on Big Sean- “Is That Yo Chick?”

The Life As Shay Report:

Naya Rivera…“Oh Na -Na, Look What You Done Started!” I stray from the gossip news but by now you all should have heard about it! Actress, Naya Rivera…yea the one that was engaged to Big Sean, wed over the weekend. Yea, but not to Big Sean…go figure! The girl wanted a ring and she got one, looks like it didn’t matter who the guy was.
Now, now…let me not get too ahead of myself. She dated Big Sean for a couple months, they were in love and he proposed. They broke off the engagement abruptly and she posted something on twitter about him stealing from her or something to that degree. Mmmh

Now, this gets interesting because Big Sean made her relevant to the Hip-Hop community and widened her reach. People knew who she was but paparazzi was not checking for her on the reg and blogs and media sites didn’t find interest in the actress much beyond her usual red carpet appearance. But when Big Sean hit, things stepped up a notch on the notarized side of things. They were cute shopping each other around Hollywood like two lovebirds. They both made songs about and referencing one another…further exacerbating the attention to their relationship. I can’t! Like…when Naya Rivera and Big Sean did the song “Sorry”…basically speaking directly to Big Sean’s ex-girlfriend, saying “Sorry, I am not Sorry” I’m with him now, he’s mine…blah blah blah…I knew it wouldn’t be good. KARMA PEOPLE! It’s real life.

Now look at things. Big Sean ass got kicked to the curb and they both were left looking stupid for making a big show out of a relationship that was obviously built on thin ice…but wait! Naya gets married to someone that she knew for years, months after she ended the engagement with Big Sean. MESSY!!!

Well it is Throwback Thursday so…”Is that Yo chick??” Memphis Bleek feat. Jay Z and Missy

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