Nailed!: OFYM #1911United

Yea, Obama for Yo momma! Yea, I said it! It’s that time again guys, that time when candidates and their campaign teams travel the country rallying votes and sharing their views on US issues and foreign policies. As you guys know (or know now lol) I have a long standing relationship with Politics so I’m surely no stranger to the proceedings of the election cycle and I’m pretty hot on the campaign trail #PetLoversforObama. I had a nice big slice of home this past Friday as I worked the 1911 United-Los Angeles Fundraiser for the re-election of President Obama. The event was held as the beautiful Premiere Supper Club off

Hollywood Blvd

in Hollywood, CA. As a brief overview, 1911 United is an official Super PAC that unites the members of Kappa Alpha Psi and Omega Psi Phi Fraternities, Incorporated with the purpose of campaigning for the re-election of President Obama. Learn more here 1911United.com. I served as the event’s official publicist! What a blast! Again, I had the opportunity to connect with some amazing people and #unite for a greater cause. Even-still, with Obama on my side, issues of the evening did not evade me lol. The event started at 7pm and I got off work at the last hour, lucky me–a friend gave me a sweet lift from door-to-door after rushing to pull myself together in the bathroom stall (Ladies you know that getting dressed in public places can either go smoothly or end tragically horrid with hair and make-up you are not pleased with). Well lucky for me, those two departments were covered—but my mani, Hontey!! It was wrong…my gels had expired and I was out of time. I feverishly tried to get a touchup on my mani during my lunch break but I think the salon owners were devout Republicans and refused to service a fresh mani for the cause lol jk (#noshade). That brilliant idea of a lunch time refresh did not work as planned so I went into survival mode…plucked off my rugged gel nails and went by the Walgreens. Yahhh! Found some ‘IMpress’ nails. Great for a last minute fix-up, terrible for busy do-gooders that actually use their hands. I got the nails 50% off totally in at a whopping $3.50. I won. Popped them babies ON and halfway through getting dressed those babies started popping OFF. Sad face, side eye, confusion, bewilderment…basically a penny with a hole in it #hopeless. Yup, cream dress, loud pink nails, with a few missing #ratchet, but you better know I worked it!!!! After all I needed some pink, if only on my nails (#Team1standFinest).

Got to the venue (check), quick last minute walk through (check), set up and set out…the event got well underway and partygoers and media flooded in. The bar was packed, the people were buzzing and the tunes were right on point. 1911United’s LA Host committee put on an amazing evening honoring and supporting our First Black President. I was so proud to be apart of the cause. I actually had the chance to meet President Obama at the White House so this event resonated with me on a personal and political front.

At the end of the night the damage was done…funds raised, expectations exceeded
and a few more nails lost to prove it. But I made it, WE made it…I #Nailed it and WE #United. #Democrats #NPHC #BusinessOwners #IndustryPlayers. S/O to J Morris Public Relations (Providing PR Services for with a Purpose) and @MissdunnieO (Follow her on Twitter for all the latest and greatest to-dos in LA).

“Keep it Tight and Rock the Vote my Star Spangled Love Angels.”

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