#MYNYPD| Social Conspiracy or The “Sound of the Police”

The Life As Shay Report:

Yesterday The Official Twitter page for the New York Police Department sent out a tweet inviting followers to post and tag pictures of themselves with NYPD Officers. And to no surprise at all, people did as requested…but the images posted were not of smiley faces and helpful cops escorting old grannies across the street. The images were bloody, brutal and abusive encounters with NYPD cops clearly abusing authority and applying obsessive force to citizens, or even their animals(one image you literally see a police shooting a dog).


Now, with all of these incidents exposed you would think that the city would go into over drive to clean it up and the news outlets around the world would be reporting on potential cases of mistreatment and unlawful arrests BUT NOOO. The big stink is over how this was a terrible PR move and there are even claims that the NYPD Twitter account was hacked. But what about the images, clearly we hear “The Sound of the Police” through the postings. I need my civil rights activists and community leaders to enter stage right immediately.



I will let KRS-One explain.

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