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Mr. Lamar Accepting “Generational Icon” Honor VIDEO-I KNOW I CAN

May 11, 2015- Kendrick Lamar was recognized by the Calfornia State Senate as a “Generational Icon.” Such a great feat for a young man from Compton, was the undertone. But I see, such a great feat for a young African- American man. A musician, a poet and storyteller. Someone that has been able to uplight and encourage people in his community and beyond with his gift. I go to concerts and see rappers all the time but I don’t remember the last time I have seen an artist actually look petrified! He looked so nervous but I can imagine it’s because he never thought his art would go so far as to be recognized by the state senator, much bigger than any Grammy Award or XXL cover.

Call me sentimental but at the end of the speech all I could hear was Nas’ “I know I Can…” I love it when the role models are tangible and realistic. It’s needed in a world that is filled with the unreal and when you do get the real, it’s not to the aid of African Americans. Thanks for changing the face of leadership.

Watch Kendrick Lamar accept the honor:

Cue the Music:

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