Money w/ Woes > Money Woes

Let’s face it, no matter how much money you make or how much you don’t…we all could stand to save. And if you’re a working adult without a savings you should pay extra close attention. I do understand that it is difficult, the millennial generation in particular got the underhand on employment opportunities and salaries; but that does not mean that you can’t take control of your situation.

Now, for starters. Let’s just get away from age-related expectations, the “I’m 20, I should have this…I’m 27 I should be doing this.” You can shut that all the way down because TIMES ARE DIFFERENT. This generation has got to be the smartest and most cultured thus far; and that does come at a cost…not that there are no other factors compounding the issue. But yes, we are going to school in higher numbers, pursuing more graduate level degrees, traveling more, experiencing more. As a result, we are getting married later and doing our best to ensure that all those loans and years of education actually pay off with a career that pays us our worth. Raise your hand high if I’m speaking to you! Unless you majored in Nursing, Finance, Accounting or Engineering in undergrad…I’m pretty sure I’m talking to you.

We all imagined how we expected our lives to be as adults. If you have reached those goals already, KUDOS! If you have not, don’t beat yourself up…remember that as a child you had no real concept of life and the responsibilities of adulthood, so maybe your expectations were a bit skewed. AND ON NO, that’s not to say that dreams don’t come true and that you can’t turn things around and meet your career and financial goals. YOU CAN! But it has to be a realistic strategy and goal in mind. I think everyone reading this would agree.

One of the biggest gifts and curses of our generation is the internet and social media (I will explore that in another post) but yes….it’s true. We spend time, money and resources to ensure that we have the right “Image” for the gram. Hard to admit but true. Before I took a step back to reflect, I would find myself longing to have a certain look to portray a certain image or obtain a certain amount of followers. PLEASE! Especially when you realize that a vast majority of what is posted is not thorough. All that to say, let’s stop faking for each other and we might get somewhere…just saying.

In the meantime, here are a few ways to save money and free up some cash for savings or investing.

  •         Let students service you- For you hair, nail and facial needs. Yes, I said it! I love a great hairstylist and will pay the price when it’s right but all too often I have experienced stylists charging top dollars for BS work. Not cool! (This is not to the stylist that do their thing and do it well).
  •         Carpool (When you can)- This one is self-explanatory. And the environment will thank you too.
  •         Bring your Lunch!- Convenience will get you every time. Living in NYC, I am tired of spending $15 a day for a “not-so-savory” meal. Really, take your time and prep that meal.
  •         Share your meal- This one is for those that like to order, order and order and never really finish their plate. Some dishes are shareable sizes, order an extra side and save your coins.
  •         Eat Fresh- More fruits and veggies…face it, a side of avocado tastes better and is better for you than those fries.
  •         Borrow/Share- Please don’t get me wrong…if you need something, by all means purchase it (assuming that  you can). But what happens when you need something for that one day or one use…BORROW! And certainly, there is nothing wrong with having the WHOLE bag of gummy bears to  yourself…but if you’re going to buy the deluxe triple size container…why not share before it goes to waste.

Hopefully this was helpful!

Never discount the value of saving a single dollar, it all adds up! Ask Warren Buffett. 

Money w/ Woes > Money Woes.


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