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MIXTAPE OF THE DAY: ASTRO’s Starvin Like Marvin…

The Life As Shay Report:
For today’s #MixtapeOfTheDay lets do a flash back to 2011.

Why 2011?

That’s the first time we seen Astro on his initial audition for X Factor at 14. Flash forward to today and he has released a mixtape that I think worthy of a thorough listen. This guy is so NY…Brooklyn, to be exact. You will be pleasantly surprised because he is anything but a “kid rapper”–at the same time his bars aren’t littered with profanity. NOW THAT IS AN ANOMALY!! He grabs heavy influence and samples from late 80s and 90s Hip Hop…I’m like gosh, were you even alive when this came out?? Astro is bringing back that original Hip Hop sound in a clever way that we have been missing.Thank you Astro.

This is true talent, get on board before he really blows. Thank me later!

Check out his X Factor debut and his latest mixtape, Starvin Like Marvin for a Cool J Song, on Datpiff.

Astro- Audition 1 X Factor


 Video Courtesy of The X Factor USA

Starvin Like Marvin For A Cool J Song Mixtape

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