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Mixtape Alert: Jon Connor’s “The Late Registration of a College Dropout…”

The Life As Shay Report:

The Late Registration of a College Dropout Who Had A Dark Twisted Fantasy of 808s and Heartbreak

“The People’s Rapper”-Jon Connor, Aftermath/Interscope signee, is back with a new mixtape and it’s FIRE my people. Now if you enjoyed Kayne‘s last couple of albums  you will find this mixtape to be very interesting. He covers songs from “Workout Plan” to “Black Skinhead.” To love the original song and then be able to listen to a new version that is 100% different and yet 100% great is very rare. Check out “New Slaves” if you don’t do a thing else…he covers everything from “The Housewives”, VH1 to Iphones.

Got this tape in heavy rotation.


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