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The Life As Shay Report:

Thanksgiving 2014 came and went, but I have the things in Hip Hop that you should not have missed over the Holiday Break. Number 1 on my list today is B.o.B’s new mixtape, New Black. That’s right; in the mist of preparing his new album he took a pause to address the looming civil and political unrest of our nation. Just on the heels of the verdict, vindicating Officer Daren Wilson of any charges for the shooting murder of teen Michael Brown, B.o.B exercises his 1st amendment right to speak his mind.

I really admire artists that take the time to address issues in the moment. Be mindful of those that you follow that never have a thing to say about social issues or civil unrest, that is not the sign of a true leader. New Black is so powerful, bold and intelligent. The perfect example of meeting people where they are…it’s so FRESH.

Don’t be fooled.

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