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MirrorMirror Awards: Rolling Out w/ #BlackGirlsThatRock

The Life As Shay Report:
This was the very first awards show that I covered as press and I must admit I was a bit anxious and for a few good reasons too…For one: I didn’t have an extra member on my team, no back-up, just me…and YES! I do usually ride alone but when you are working a red carpet it is nice to have some reassurance—WHICH I DIDN’T HAVE but mmmkk! Anxious Reason #2: I did not have the equipment (cameras, mics, lights) that other media outlets had and yea it can be a little intimidating but I #RockedIt. And finally, Anxious Reason #3: I actually forgot what this reason was so let’s just move on lol…’cause sometimes you can get so caught up in those things that seem to be obstacles that you miss the whole point of the experience! Don’t do that!

Last Thursday, Rolling Out Mag and Colgate Optic White hosted the MirrorMirror Awards with the purpose of honoring those who are industry trendsetter embodying the unique style and pose of Hollywood.  The evening was hosted by actor Sharif Atkins (“White Collar”) and reality star and entrepreneur Toya Wright (“Toya: A Family Affair”). 
This was kind of like a night of FIRSTS, it was Toya’s first time hosting an awards show, this was my first time covering one and for some of the honorees it was their first time being honored for their hard work! The honorees: Vanessa Bell Calloway (Shameless), Elise Neal (Belle’s), Kyla Pratt (Let’s Stay Together), Kym Whitley (Animal Practice), Naturi Naughton (The Client List), Joyful Drake (Let’s Stay Together), Necole Bitchie (, Dawn Richard (Dirty Money) and Gloria Govan (“Basketball Wives LA”) are all amazing and lovely inside and out. As each came down the red carpet they expressed their gratitude and excitement for being honored and acknowledged.  These are #BlackGirlsThatRock!!
Toya spoke on her recent endeavor, GARB Boutique in her hometown of New Orleans and its expansion: GARB Shoetique, located in Atlanta. She was asked about her shoe game that evening and was sure to clarify that she was #Rockn a pair Christian Louboutin but also said that she would begin to wear her GARB Shoetique shoes to showcase the affordable line. Kyla Pratt was so excited to speak on life as a mommy and is very proud of her new baby girl! She was glowing with pride…. Lets say it together now,  “Awww!! How cute!” Dawn Richard’s new album is coming soon; dopeness is coming down the pipeline with that one of course. And yes, someone asked her about Q from Day 26 and her love life after all this time but she politely made it know that it had been a year since their 5 year relationship ended #RollOut.
If you let me tell it, the awards show was amazing!! All of the honorees and as well as other celebs and Hollywood trendsetters (like myself *modest smiley face* ) were in attendance. This event was a chance for industry leaders to be acknowledged in an intimate setting. There was a lot of networking, meeting and greeting…just a bunch of mix and mingle, which I love!!
In the spirit of the awards ceremony I would like to present my own awards 🙂
  • Most Potential to Branch into other Avenues: Toya Wright(“Toya: A Family Affair”) *Seen growth from Tiny and Toya and can see the potential for great continued success* 
  • Most Stylish: Dawn Richards (Dirty Money) *#Dope, fresh off the #DopeTrain*
  • Most Humble and Approachable: Kylia Pratt (Let’s Stay Together) *Felt like I was visiting with a homegirl*
  • Older the Berry the Sweeter the Juice: Elise Neal (Belle’s) *She is still acting, singing and dancing same as day one*
  • Most Growth and Expansion in 2013: Necole Bitchie ( * Expanding her brand beyond the blog and telling her story…she started off sleeping on couches and so did I! 
  • Rising Star: Rotimi (Boss) * Has been acting for 10 months and has been making major moves in his acting and singing career—one to watch out for*
Please give these winners a hand *APPLAUSE* *CHEERS*…haha! Don’t mind me! This was just another day in…..

My Inexplicable Life as Shay

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