Miami Nights *ItWasAllADream* #Bestfriends #Spirited

MI–“Freakn”–A-MI!! This past escapade with my girls was one for the books child!! I never felt so happy and content! Good food, Better drinks, the Greatest friends! That’s my kind of vacay and of course the beach, pool parties, day activities, and nightlife sweetened the deal. #Wowzers is really all I can say. We kicked off our vacay at the exquisite Philippe by Philippe Chow and enjoyed some beachside fireworks in celebration of Independence Day. From there it was all NON-STOP beaching, funning, laughing, partying, and bonding. That #Fontainebleau Pool Party we hit was #MiamiStyle to the “T”. Where else can you listen to Lil Wayne, sip cool wine and watermelon water while you lay up on crisp poolside chairs under snow-white canopies?
But WAIT there’s MORE!!! We hit the RadioOne Fest concert too! Way too live, great line-up and Rock Star performances! I had the pleasure of having my ankle crip walked on by an over zealous concert goer—Thanks for causing such commotion Ice Cube. I just COULDN’T with this trip! Everything was SO Official, from our Art Deco hotel suite to the parties, the food to the nightlife. #BigPinks #TheClevander #WetWillies #FatTuesdays #Bambo #Liv #KOD #SobeLive #Cameo #Mooji

My final day comes and I’m so sad because not only do I have to leave my girls.  But I have to leave them to have one more night to live it up—WITHOUT me!! And of course they shut LIV down on Sunday (KOD Monday)—And YESS DARLING, for inquiring minds #YMCM was in the building too!! (Now if ya’ll remember I had a dream and, well read my past blog to get the scoop on that one—not to worry all good things and good intentions lol).  

BUT OF COURSE, in true “balance of the universe style” all of that bliss had to be cut short somewhere–yup! Right as I’m trying to get back to LA

My Flight: Late boarding and take off.(Wanted me to- but heck no I didn’t)Pay for the 1st carry on. Couldn’t check in on a mobile device. (Tried to have me) Pay to select a seat before check-in. Over booked flight. Gross interior. Praying that you will get on a flight that you paid for weeks in advance is not the business.  #NoNevaAgain. #SpiritAirlines. BOARDED the plane at the scheduled time for TAKEOFF—then the passengers are asked to evacuate because there was “not an official maintenance clearance”…really totally #Spirited at this point. I finally make it to LAX an hour behind schedule after praying and pulling out my winter white, gold encrusted Bible, Amen!! Hallelujah!!

I’ll be back Miami, mark my words–I’ll be back!! #ItWasAllADream

My Inexplicable Life As Shay.

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