| #memorialday questionnaire |

Memorial Day | Today is the federal holiday in which we celebrate those who lost their lives serving in the US Military. Some of us also take this day to remember those non-military loved ones that we’ve lost along the way. As we remember our fallen soldiers and Angels it’s important for us to “remember” them!

There is nothing wrong with cookouts, pool parties and weekend trips but I swear if you’re not paying attention to the real meaning of the day then you’re operating at a lost. Take one moment to acknowledge those who came before you and paved the way for your current life/lifestyle. Don’t forget the people who died to make your freedom and fun extended weekend possible.

The word memorial literally means “something, especially a structure, established to remind people of a person or event.” If you do nothing this weekend in remembrance of someone we’ve lost, PLEASE at the very least take this day to remember who you are!

Take this Memorial Day to reflect on what you have accomplished and what you wish to achieve in the near future. Here’s my Memorial Day questionnaire. Please answer the following questions:

1) Who am I? I am a (_________).
2) My goal is to (_________).
3) I will accomplish this (my goals) by (_________).
4) Those that come before me have taught me to/that (_________).
5) Of all the things I’ve learned, I’m most happy to know that (_________).


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