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Meek Mill Freestyle-PHILLY STAND UP *Now & Then*

The Life As Shay Report:

Well, well, looks like ole buddy Meek Milly decided to take it back to the Philly streets. He spits a freestyle on the corner with his boys behind him, reminiscent of his old days trying to get on. Now, if I be real about (which you know I will)…it wasn’t an honest freestyle ’cause at some points his team was reciting the words with him but what’s really honest in Hip-Hop now-a-days? Check it out, it’s worth and listen…and let’s throw it back to a  16-year-old Meek Milly doing the same thing on the streets of Philly about a decade ago.



1 thought on “Meek Mill Freestyle-PHILLY STAND UP *Now & Then*

  1. Meek took it back with this one to the good old Philly corner street raps… Now we gotta see if the rest of Philly take it back to the Head Shottaz Street DVDs style of rappin… Reed Dollaz, Cyserro, Kaboom, Young Hot, NH, Joey Jihad, where y’all at?! #YupYup

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