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Meek Mill Airs Wale Out on Twitter “#UNOTMMG”- Playas Gon Play

The Life As Shay Report:

Meek Mill has a new album coming out and it’s looking like the pressure to perform has gotten a bit too real for the homie. He decided to air out some grievances on Twitter earlier today and directly named label mate (and thought-to-be close friend) Wale as a hater that does not support this work, specifically in not tweeting about his upcoming project (which I have seen other celebs like Diddy do). Meek goes on to say that he won’t fake for the music industry and that people don’t call or text him (as they should) and everyone can see it.

Honestly, it comes off as a very isolated incident in which Meek was expecting something from Wale that he did not receive (at least in the time that he thought he should) and Meek went off that pulling up harbored feelings and making blanket statements about rappers, when it was clear that it was still shots at Wale.

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Wale let it breath and gave a response on his Instagram page. A very thoughtful guy he is. My question is “What happened to keeping family business, family business.” This is yet another situation where we bring each other down…can we all just get along? Damn! Ya’ll on a team and can’t even be a team.

“Playas Gon Play and Haters Gon Hate…but that ain’t got nothing to do with me and you!”- 3LW. Yea, I took it back to 3LW for this one- this is the perfect song for this girlie, sensitive situation. Listen to the lyrics, this song is so fitting…HAHA! Picture Wale signing this to Meek, or vice versa.

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