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LUKE JAMES Performs AT The Sayers Club- Sensual Bliss

The Life As Shay Report:

Soooo, about last night! My dear friend invited me to a very intimate Luke James concert at The Sayers Club in Los Angeles. I have been to The Sayers before and it is a very private, dim, up-close-and-personal experience… perfect for a Luke James situation. The New Orleans native has made waves in the industry behind the scenes with his gifted pen but has been working hard to get himself to the forefront. His must-awaited, self-titled debut album is available on iTunes now.

Let me say that I did not know his music really before going to the show last night. I mean I knew who he was but frankly, keeping up with every single artist is not easy, so baby boy slipped through the cracks with me. But when I tell you I had one of the best musical experiences ever last night.

Trey Songz who?” is all I could hear ringing in my head. Then it came to me… “this is why Beyoncé choose him to open for her.” I was FLOORED. Luke James is sensual bliss with a dash of James Brown and Maxwell. He is stomping and bending over, bending back, screaming, high notes, low notes…all over the place just trying to bring the feeling. I felt it. Luke James is sensual bliss. If you want to check out footage from his performance last night in LA follow me on IG @life_as_shay.


Sensual bliss. Simple as that. His voice, his passion, his expressions, his movements…it was mesmerizing. 50 Shades of Grey. Yea, that intense. You could feel him. His voice is piercing and clear but so sweet and understanding. The mental stimulation that he induces effortlessly moves through the body…the ENTIRE body with stinging bites of arousal. Watching him perform I felt anxious excitement and nervous tremors from overwhelming butterflies. My mind was blow.

He made love to us. Crazy right? I was like man, had I known, had I known. So glad I CAME. He has an angelic sound and simple complexity to his lyrics that touches the heart of just about any breathing member of the female persuasion. Needless to say, let’s do it again!

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