Looking Up…

This one is for the people that have a hard time finding the good in things. Now, I can not say that your situation is not really bad. I am very understanding in that way because no one can deny our feelings. How you feel is real to you. On the same token, life is all about perception. If you perceive your situation to be horrible, that’s your reality. I get it.

But you’re a grown-up now and you have to learn to look up! It’s not easy. It hasn’t been and it never will be. Face it, life is hard. There are so many things that can go wrong, but there are so many things that could go right. If you reflect on what life is really about you will find the strength to look up and see the bright side. Life is about love, peace and happiness. And really that’s what we pursue everyday, knowing and unknowingly. Your drive to finish college comes from your ambition to be happy, essentially. We are taught that with college we can have an amazing career with a huge salary…the foundation for achieving the “american dream”, right? Or what about that big house on the hill that you always dreamed about…I’d bet it’s peaceful. Even more, that burning desire to be adored by others for your intelligence, beauty, talent or possessions is an attempt at securing love (in these cases it’s “false love”, but none the less a form of love). But guess what? There are people that have all those material things aforementioned and they are still unhappy!

I have seen it first hand in Hollywood. Lost souls, just searching. No matter how smart, how beautiful, how talented…

Why? Because they are missing the whole point of life. It’s like junk food and soda, right? When you fill up on things with no real substance you remain hungry. I challenge you to look around you and assess your environment. Do you have someone that truly loves you (I think we all have a few people that truly do love us, whether we realize that or not)? Do you have a place where you find peace (Could be your room, your car, church, the gym)? Do you have something that makes you completely happy (Lets exclude people from this. I mean an action, thought, a place, memory or object that brings you complete joy)?

If you can answer yes to at least one of those questions in any aspect of your life, you are truly blessed. The essence of finding the strength to look up comes from GRATITUDE. Be grateful. Gratitude and hopelessness cannot co-exist. Do you agree?

As long as you have life in your body you have the opportunity to change your circumstances, but you will not find the answer on the ground…LOOK UP!



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