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Lil Kim’s “Identity Theft” and Re-deux of Classic “Hard Core”- Tarnishing Legacy

The Life As Shay Report:

Lawd! “Lil Kim the Queen Bee so you bests take heed, shall I proceed, yes indeed!” Oh don’t mind me, just a line from one of my favorite Lil Kim songs, “Crush on You.” I loved this song and video!*I’m dancing in my seat right nooowww*

Now, lets take it back. “Crush on You” was featured on Lil Kim‘s 1996 debut album Hard Core and the single was a major hit. Super Classic. But now the Queen Bee, recently turned Momma Bee with the birth of her 1st daughter- has decided to take another swing at the female rap game. Lil Kim‘s more recent work has not been nearly as successful as her flaming hot success in the 90’s and early 2000’s but she has decided to put her legacy on the line and release a new mixtape entitled Hard Core 2k14, after her original, highly-acclaimed Hard Core. That’s playing with fire in my opinion, even with the lackluster performance and rhymes that we have witnessed from Kim more recently, she is still held as one of the greatest female MCs and no one questions her status as such.

But times have changed an it’s just different. It’s just different. She recently released a track “Identity Theft” directly aimed at Nicki Minaj, claiming that she stole her whole style, flow and image. She even features Nicki Minaj on the cover art in a creative display of a fake ID. Welp, if the new Hard Core sounds anything like this track, it’s all bad from here mane. All bad!

Lil Kim Identity Theft

My opinion, “Lil Kim…don’t do it.” You’re rapidly tarnishing your legacy. And once more, “Identity Theft” just wasn’t good. Old, 1990’s beat, weak flow and pointless lyrics.

Need I say more?

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