LIFE AS SHAY’S SXSW 2014 Highlights: Top 5 things You Should Know

The Life As Shay Report:

As the weekend comes to a close, and all the lucky jerks that made it out to SXSW tread back home, I have a recap for those that stayed home and had to piece together the week from Instagram and Twitter.  Here are the Top 5 things you should know about the 2014 SXSW Conference.

1. There was a tragic accident involving a drunk driver that claimed the life of 2 and injured 23. A moment of silence was observed by the entire SXSW the following evening and the suspect has been taken into custody.


2. Tyler the Creator of Odd Future was arrested for inciting a riot…via Twitter. When you are a celeb with a huge following you have to be mindful of what you say, but when you are speaking in conjunction with a recent tragic event (in this case the motor accident at SXSW) you have to take even better caution. Ask Tyler the Creator, apparently he asked fans to bombard a venue after his show was canceled…they wasn’t having that.


3. Kelis is really about this FOOD life, she served ribs from a food truck down in Austin during the week.


4. Chance the Rapper is “Somebody”

5. Number 1 somewhere is number 2 elsewhere. ScHool Boy Q celebrated his number 1 album, Oxymoron, during SXSW but that #1 spot still wasn’t enough to get him into this 50cent performance:



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