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The Life As Shay Report:

Interesting story, I am in the grocery store one day and this guy approaches and asks if I am an actress. I am not, and I let him know…we get to talking and he starts to give me so much great information about building my brand and blog. I mentioned my Youtube Channel and it was a wrap. I was too grateful for all of the positive words and advice that he shared. I felt cultured when we parted.
Long story short, meeting a stranger and sharing your goals could really take you places. It took me right to the Youtube Studios last night for happy hour with other Youtubers.

What the heck!!??

I was so shocked and amazed by the experience. Completely humbled and floored that I could ever have an opportunity like that. It was literally one of my best times in LA. So much more than any red carpet or celebrity encounter because I was invited there because someone believed that I deserved to be there. WOW!

So I get there late- Shoutout to terrible traffic, construction and bad directions. But I do arrive before it’s over- THANK GOD! Changed clothes and did my make-up on the drive in so I was all ready to go! Get there, go to check in and BOOM…my phone dies. “Now how am I going to document this experience?” Oh well…I proceed to check in and they have a name tag with MY NAME AND YOUTUBE CHANNEL ON IT! I could have lost it right there…”Wow, am I really doing this?” Is all that I could think.

Grabbed a nice glass of wine and got on my way to working the room…Ok, so I didn’t necessarily work the room LOL. I am actually shy and coming to an event on the backend is hard, but I found a way to charge my phone and bust in on a couple of conversation circles. The space was wide open and welcoming, picture a lounge meets coffee shop meets warehouse.

BUT THE HIGHLIGHT- They let me play with the Google Glasses. I didn’t even know I was a tech geek until that moment; it was the coolest experience ever, no lie. You can literally connect with people and live stream exactly what you see. Talk to the glasses and tell them to do just about anything, something like Siri on Speed. It was a wonderland to me, I could not stop looking around in awe, even the bathroom was interesting…. (literally, the men and women share the same room in an odd layout).

All in all, I had a blast and I had to share it with you. This experience was so inspiring and motivational…baby girl is on her way! Only song that came to mind….

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