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The Life As Shay Report:

I need to make today a Flashback Friday because I never got the chance to share my experience of the XXL Freshman Class Concert in LA. No one knew, but I was prepared to fly to NY to attend the show if I had the chance to cover it as press but GOD was on my side! No wasted money and a week later they announced the LA show, so I’m like “BET! I’m in there!”

Didn’t get media credentials but we can’t win them all. I was fine with it ‘cause I was going to break in my new Canon at that event, that was the plan for weeks. Get there…they take my damn camera! Yes, they do! Said that it was a professional camera and since I did not have permission to use it there that night it wasn’t happening captain. Talk about getting a swerve on that ass. I was like “But sir, I got this camera and came to this show for the very purpose of shooting, I am blogger…I’m working.” His responses…”That’s nice, but it aint happening.”

OK, yea…sometimes being nice won’t get you there but I tried. So I drop the camera and head in…LATE! As usual, I swear traffic and life in LA is set-up as to where you can only do one thing a night. It’s just not conducive to running around from spot to spot.

So I get in and wiggle my way all the way to the front only to find out Jon Connor had already gone on…”mane WHETT??” I have featured him on the blog a few times and really feel he is an amazing hip-hop talent- RARE. Either way, I didn’t see his ass that night! I look up and Lil Bibby is on…boring. Matter of fact BORING, in all caps. Then August Alsina, put it like this…I left a fan. The boy got issues with his mouth and being rude but his voice and performance was on the ONE and TWOS. He is definitely worth an album purchase and a concert ticket. Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself.


TY Dolla $Ign came on stage Chiefin’ not Smoking but Chiefin’ (which is pulling and blowing the smoke like you are in a 15 second race). I’m like wait, isn’t that dangerous. By the way, the entire audience was smoking too so HOC was real for me that night. TEHEHEHE. TY does his thing and brings girls on stage- Hysterical! HAHA (Check the vid on my IG for yourself). He was solid and actually can sing better than people might think. He brought out Sevyn, she was decent. She must have been tired ‘cause her performance was sleepy (No Shade).


Then out comes Isiah Rashad! Got damnit, TDE where do you find these people. I have this thing where I have to see people perform in order for me to get over their mixtape. And I definitely came, I saw and I conquered. This little guy has so much energy, it was cool to watch him perform all my favs from Civlia Demo. But I won’t lie to you, his music is much better suited for a ride in the car or a major production show. Anything in between has the potential to fall way flat. His music is not “RAHH, RAHHH” so he can only do so much to engage people without a large live band and pyros and all that. But for what it was worth- I was very happy that I was able to attend.


Over all the Freshmen Class are on their way, but for now I still consider them all Fresh Meat.

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