The Life As Shay Report:

“Why the exuberant face?” Let me tell you about my experience at the past #PowerBrunchLA. Well let me back up and start with the event host/producer…Miss Dunnie O. Miss Dunnie, Hollywood Special Events Producer, may have been on your radar lately. If not for her grand productions, then maybe for her natural beauty (inside and out). And most recently her wedding went viral, making us all believe in Love!

I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Dunnie a few years ago through a dear friend and she’s always had a sweet and welcoming personality. That same personality she brings to every event and with it she has become one of Hollywood’s top event producers. I had the chance to attend the most recent #PowerBrunchLA held at ROC Rooftop in Santa Monica. The event featured brunch, mimosas *endless* and a panel of amazing special guests speakers with stories and intents to inspire and uplight those pursuing their dreams. The atmosphere of inspiration and hope for the striving young black entrepreneurs in Hollywood was refreshing and invigorating. (Hence the face!)

The networking opportunities were endless as creatives from all facets of the industry attended. If you’re new, old, or indifferent to LA you should come out to network, you will meet AT LEAST one person that you connect with. I met 5.

If you missed this past one, no worries! The next one is in June and I certainly plan to attend. In the meantime, here is a recap of what you missed!

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