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Kill’em Oooh, Kill ‘em Oooh: Willow’s “Summer Fling”

The #LifeAsShay Report is back with some newness that can’t go to waste.

Princess of the Smith Empire, Willow, performed live on the debut episode of the NEW Queen Latifah show! A Big Congrats to Queen Latifah on the new show, I am excited for the reemergence of quality day-time talk shows but Little Miss Willow definitely stole the show for me!
WOW, this little lady is a superstar if I ever seen one. People need to wipe the cold out of their eyes and realize that the next bred of young music stars have ascended. So young, but she definitely has a style and voice of her own. Her talent is undeniable.  #Kill ’em
She performed “Summer Fling,” a sweet, melodic tune with acoustic vibrations that will make you bob your head and sway from side to side.
The song tells the story of a summer love, short, sweet and innocent with dinners on the beach, holding hands and empty “I Love Yous.”  Check it out for yourself and tell me what you think.

Video Courtesy of Queen Latifah

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