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Kendrick Lamar’s SNL Performance of “i”- Don’t be Perplexed

The Life As Shay Report:

Kendrick Lamar visits SNL this past weekend. SNL, where the “L” stands for LIVE, is always fun to watch to catch your favorite artists perform live and in action amongst some of the best comedians in the industry. This past Saturday was no different with TDE’s headliner.

Kendrick Lamar took the stage to perform “i” to the dismay of many. Some people where rather perplexed by his appearance and behavior, judging by the comments across the web. Some got it, an ode to 20th anniversary of Method Man’s debut album Tical…and some thought Kendrick Lamar was straight possessed. Some claimed drugs, others thought it was the Illuminati taking over…boy do people allow their imaginations to run away! Method Man was known for wearing his hair half braided and being wild and rambunctious. That was conveyed. If you didn’t see the official video for “i” before this performance then this will take you for a loop indeed. It’s all relative.

Even deeper, I felt like his appearance and performance of the song told the story of the lyrics. Love yourself, no matter how you look or feel…no matter how you are perceived. Like what’s “crazy”? Don’t be defined by that.

I can say that that was one of the most entertaining solo rap performances I have seen in I don’t know when…here’s your chance to analyze his performance. What did you get from it.

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