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Kendrick Lamar Spreads Love with “I” (Official Video and Review)- Fresh & Progressive

The Life As Shay Report:

Kendrick Lamar dropped the Official Video for ‘I” today! If you enjoyed the lyric video you will be blown away by the official video. Set in what looks like late 1960’s/early 1970’s Compton, Kendrick Lamar takes us on a wild ride through the neighborhood as he is trailed by a crew of jubilant people. The group, led by Kendrick Lamar, peaks into the lives and hardships of people in the community and through their joy they encourage others to find the joy in loving themselves…even through messed-up situations.

There was literally a scene where a man was abusing a woman on the front porch and the camera pans to a young man in the house holding a gun to his head. He takes a second thought when he sees and hears Kendrick’s crew dancing past his window. And when I say dancing, I mean everybody…Kendrick Lamar danced through the entire video! Put it like this, he dances like someone’s old uncle! But needless to say, the video was amazing!! I felt to inspired, I literally held my breath as I watched because I was so anxious watching it unfold. THIS is what inspires me and drives me to do what I do. There is nothing like art with a message.

A true artist. Even still, you can see his growth and development. Check out the scene where Kendrick Lamar in the car being driven by Ron Isle. Kendrick is screaming out the window, exerting just about every emotion you can imagine…you wouldn’t have seen expressions this thorough and honest on the 1st round of visuals from GKMC. It’s just so FRESH and progressive for him and HIP HOP


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