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Kendrick Lamar Debuts New “Untitled” Song- Assessed

The Life As Shay Report:

Let me just say I am so excited about the direction of Hip Hop with leaders like Kendrick Lamar and J Cole. It is so refreshing to have people actually giving a message with so much passion that you can feel it through the screen. The “Untitled” song that Kendrick Lamar recently performed on the Colbert Report was outstanding and I just had to ASSESS things. It’s so beautiful to watch an artist that you admire grow! He is becoming a legend right before our eyes. And it’s safe to say his new album will be heavily influenced by jazz and soul.

The song features a live band and back-up singers but more importantly did you catch the message? He is rapping from the perspective of 4 different races that all convene here in the United States of America. It’s crazy!

He uses the stereotypical and generally held ideologies of each group to respond to the call and answer segment that goes like this:

What did the Asian say? (Speaking on health, mediation and peace)
What did the Indian say? (Speaking on land and equity)
What did the black man say? (Speaking on talent and distraction by lust for a woman)
What did the white man say? (Speaking on desire to exploit the black man )

I’m floored. I take your challenge of the King of Hip Hop and raise you a Kendrick Lamar.

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