The Life As Shay Report:
The Breakfast Club sat down with Kanye West for one of the most interesting, uncomfortable, educated, confusing, informative interviews I have ever seen. In the words of Kanye, he is 10 years ahead of us.

But that didn’t stop Charlemagne (The Breakfast Club Co- Host) from bringing Kanye back into the now, with questions about his current album, concert and erratic public statements and behavior. Charlemagne went, how do we say this, I.N…. really asking the critical questions, even challenging Kanye on several points. BUT, if you thought Kanye West wasn’t able to explain exactly what he thought/felt in the moment he said or did things that had us all scratching our heads…you’re wrong buddy.
This is a very passionate man.
I took away some valid points about Kanye and commercialism. You will learn at least one thing from this interview and if nothing else you will feel inspired. We should all believe in ourselves like this– maybe with a little less brashness, but that’s just Kanye West.
One of the best interviews yet.
Video Courtesy of 105.1BreakfastClub

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