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The Life As Shay Report:

I seek mental stimulation; we all should on a daily basis. Maybe it’s your music, your books, your conversation with others or if you’re lucky it’s your line of work! Me, I’m kinda lucky…I get my stimulation is just about all of the above doses but I love it when an interview can captivate me. Honestly this interview was so inspiring on so many levels. THIS is what I aspire to pull out of artists when we touch base in interviews. J Cole just so happen to be boiling over with so many things he wanted to address, and besides that…he’s a smart guy, so he was bound to give this level of excellence. But Angie did her thing too in keeping it going and she was able to facilitate one of my favorite interviews to date. Up there with Tupac interviews for me, Tupac would definitely give the people what they wanted when he sat down to chat.

Cole went from Capitalism and advertising dollars to modern-day slavery, reality shows and him now riding a bike around New York City.

This is what Hip Hop was supposed to be about all along, thought provoking change leaders, and I’m sticking to it.

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