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Now, we’ve all heard it before; “Imitation is the highest form of flattery.” I would have to say that rings very true. When you admire someone for one thing or another you may find yourself picking up their traits, going for their style of dress, maybe even adopting a similar cadence. What can I say, we all have been impressionable at some point and have been molded in some way or another by what we admire about someone. This is a harmless cycle of life. Simple copy cat.

But as you continue to develop as an individual, form your own opinions and find your voice of reason…copy cat-like behavior should be curved with a big slab of individuality and uniqueness. This here is more along the lines of being inspired by someone or some thing. Inspiration is when something that you encounter conjures a unique idea for you. A “coming to moment” for yourself. Or maybe you took an idea and added a twist of your own. No fault in that.

But then you have people who are of a mature mind and solid in their thought process and they go on ahead and STEAL intellectual property from others…that is what you call PLAGIARISM, infringement, violation! There is a thin line between love and hate; like there is a thin line between imitation and flattery. BUT there is a thick ass line between being inspired by idea or concept and straight stealing it and passing it off as yours.

Get your mind right.

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