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Hiatus Broken: My Confessions of a #LashedOut-LA Fashion Week

The Life As Shay Report:

Well Well my Love Angels,
It is only right that I apologize for my prolonged absence.  I have to say that I MISSED YOU ALL VERY MUCH and I’m glad to be BACK AT IT! For those loving, inquiring minds I had to take some time off to focus on something that required my complete and total undivided attention lol *but serious face*. But I’m back so that’s all that matters 🙂
If I do say myself, I came back on the scene with a SPLASH, BLAST, CRASH…whichever you prefer.  LA Fashion Week just ended and early last week I attended the Style Fashion Week Fashion Show Debuting Local Socialite—an exclusive collection designer for  Following a warm invite from an industry insider I figured—“hhhm, what better way to emerge from my hiatus???”
So I went and had a wonderful time!
The folks over at aLinemedia really know how to put on a show.  The collection featured at this runway extravaganza is an ‘under $50 line’ that has some amazing pieces.  At the conclusion of the show I was VERY surprised to learn of the affordability of the line #Winning&Spending I say!!!  The line is very polished and is a sure #Win for the stylish girl on a budget.  They have great statement pieces like rocker leather jackets and studded party dresses… who would have thought!
After the curtain call I had a brief interview with Reality Media and I will share the clip as soon as I get my hands on the finished product! The venue, Vibiana in Downtown LA, had heavy Vatican influence so if you can image the beautiful high ceilings, meticulously sculpted walls and pillars…This place took me to Rome and back….Nod to the individual that selected the venue—exquisite choice.
There was a cocktail social for press, models, bloggers and industry insiders preceding the show.  Wonderful décor lighting, open bar and tons of BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!
Now I have #Confession!!! I felt a little uncomfortable while at this event.  Not because I AM NOT A SIZE 2 but because I was #LashedOut, yup that’s right…I was LASH-LESS.  Now now people you KNOW that I can do without every, single thing EXCEPT FOR my lashes…but that night I was forced to be bald-eyed. Needless to say I survived; I lasted and actually gathered my share of compliments (much needed confidence-boosters thrown in along the way lol).  I MADE IT OUT ALIVE! Picture this– I look up and see a REAL-LIFE confessional conveniently located near the runway…I figured it was a sign to take a moment and I did just that lol (Check out the pic above, by this point it was quite clear that the Vibiana once was a Roman Catholic Church- Duhh HaHaa)
Ladies hear me out— I have a test for ya:  “Go to a big public event where you know there will be lots of networking and socializing…conveniently forget to put on your makeup must-have—whatever that may be to you. And fight to survive your own ideas of how un-beautiful you THINK you are.”  This may seem like a cruel exercise but I promise you- IT WILL MAKE YOU BETTER FOR IT!
All IN All it was a great show, great people, great collection and for me another bit of self-actualization and growth was concurred! I would have to say it was a GREAT night.
Stay Beautiful!!! IM BACK

My Inexplicable Life as Shay.

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