Heaven’s Mickey Mouse Club: Twitter MAKE-uP!!!

This past weekend I had the heavenly bliss of participating in the Grand Opening of Heaven’s Make-up Bar! It was a cute, girly occasion with lots of make-up, pink things and cupcakes to boot. This was my first grand opening and I diligently paid close attention to the happenings.  Mental notes were made all day. I met some cool journalists, talent agents, and photographers…notes taken. One of the most important attributes of this business is its welcoming vibe.  It can be daunting to constantly walk into new situations with strangers and collaborate as if you have known them forever—all in the name of pulling off the best event you can. But #Heaven knows Heaven’s Make-up Bar was high on the people skills and THE MAKE-UP was flawless—Win/Win. One of the business owners gave me the greatest compliment by asking if I was a make-up artist and complimenting my look of the day.  Now this is HUGE for me because I am NOT a make-up girl.  Make-up is great and I like it but I def don’t swear by it and I don’t ‘beat’ faces unfortunately lol so I was flattered at the acknowledgement.

The space was fresh, clean and modern…adorn with Audrey Hepburn photos and a white, pink and black color scheme. The place definitely SCREAMED “Im Fab, now sit down and let me do your Make-up!” Purpose well served. There was a harpist playing harmonious melodies and setting the mood as the event got underway.  Once inside, turntables were the thing and the DJ kept it live….people mingled, drank, ate, laughed, photog-ed it up and got their make-up done.  This place is really cute and a great option for people (like myself) who don’t quite have the hand of flawless, celeb-style make-up application. 
I can honestly say that the highlight of the Grand Opening, for me, was Somaya Reece’s interview. The event to my surprise actually turned out to be a modern day ‘#MickeyMouseClub’ set with a bandwagon of actors and actresses from under the age of 16. I mean please don’t get me wrong these kids have roles on shows like ‘Desperate Housewives’ so they def are cashing out and could surely buy me out, BUT HEY who’s taking count…the fact that the Grand Opening only served alcoholic beverages assures me that the Mickey Mouse Club was unexpected JEither way the kiddies were cute and they worked the red carpet and interviews—so goes the story.  But Somaya Reece, not because she was on Love and Hip Hop, not because she is known….but because she is positive and articulate…She really amazed me with her opinion on woman owned businesses, her new projects and her positivity and full support of people following their dreams.  Now THIS is my kind of girl! Despite negativity (in person or online), we all have the right to be great and live out our dreams…in the words of S. Reece “dreams are all we have…”
I was pleasantly surprised and definitely uplifted and inspired after meeting her.  But of course the negativity had to come in at some point.  After a friendly RT on twitter, one of her followers thought it great to make a smug comment about the pic I posted.  How fun that you sit in the house and find ways to pick people apart.  I politely notified the unruly ‘tweeter’ where he could get off and shove it #Heavenly.
The event was a smash, the owners were overjoyed, and the Mayor of the city came through to bless the spot.  I would say that this event was a total hit, bang, smash combustion! Hehehe
My dolled up Love Angels,

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