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HAVE YA HEARD?: “NINO” by 2 KINGZ *Welcome to the DMV*

The Life As Shay Report:

I love to keep ya’ll updated on  everything from mainstream to under the radar and straight-up independent music and artists that I mess with…and on that note, I have to put ya’ll on to Addiemak x Beytey, together known as 2 Kingz. Hailing from my hometown, the DMV, it’s imperative that I put ya’ll on and make you fully aware of the moves these two are making in the game.

Addie Mak Beytey recently released their new single “Nino” from the upcoming album 2 Kingz set to drop Late Spring. That’s just in time for the Summer and this album is definitely one to ride out to.  “Nino” as in “Nino Brown” from New Jack City, yes… I am sure that you have heard other artists make similar references, BUT YOU HAVE NOT HEARD IT LIKE THIS. 2 Kingz‘s “Nino” has that “boss-up” sound mixed with the inspiring ambition of a true hustler. 2 Kingz is more than a name, it’s a lifestyle for these guy. They approach their personal, business and music with the mindset of a King and that is apparent throughout the album as they allow excerpts from ‘Kings’ in top 90’s gangsta films (like Menace II Society, New Jack City and Boys N The Hood) to shape the concept and storytelling of several songs.

“Nino” sets the tone for a blazing album, I had an exclusive listen to 2 Kingz and I have to tell you the album is FIRE…I will just say this, their sound is definitely radio and club-ready.

Hit me and tell me what you think! Welcome to the DMV.

The single “Nino” is available now on iTunes:

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Connect with @addie_mak & @baytey on Twitter
Youtube Channel:  Addiemakvideos

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