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Happy Jeezy-givings: NEW Mixtape #ItsThaWorld2

The Life As Shay Report:
Happy Turkey Day! I have a “Jeezy-givings” gift for ya! Jeezy dropped Its Tha World 2 today and of course I was all over that…right after my second plate of turkey and macaroni. Oh, by the way, I cooked Thanksgiving Dinner today…uuhh, I’ll tell ya’ll about that later.
But in the mean time…It’s Tha World 2.
The whole damn mixtape is pure. I love it. But just so you know, I want to point you in the direction of my favorite tracks from first listen:
Foul Play: G anthem. I can’t decide what part of this song I like the most. The keys, the eery synthesizer sounds, the climb and fall of the beat or maybe it’s simply Jeezy‘s flow. Don’t listen to this song when you’re driving…you will most likely get at ticket for speeding.
Benihana: “10 years in the game, gotta make you wonder how I keep from going under.”-Jeezy. Not sure if the reference was intentional but I immediately thought of Grandmaster Flash‘s The Message (“It’s like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder how I keep from going under.”)  This song was perfect for it’s Thanksgiving release, I heard everything from seafood combinations, eggs and onions to chicken and beef mentioned in this song. Ok, that’s it. I don’t even like Benihana like that but after listening to 2 Chainz (featured on this song) tell me about Benihana for the millionth time, maybe I am ordering wrong. When I am feeling adventurous, I will go again and ask for the “2 Chainz Special.”
“Paula Deal we in the kitchen n***a”-Jeezy. He went there. Oh don’t forget the dope beat, cluuub bang-ah!
Pure (Doughboyz Cashout): Listening to this song feels like I’m in Cuba, having a tangy drink at a sweaty bar, after a long day of enjoying a cool breeze by the water. At the same time, the beat is bouncing and clapping like I’m sitting in a ATL strip club. Best of both worlds? Maybe? Pusha T‘s feature sets it off.
“Pure White Cocaine…” (Seats, in the car…say no to drugs)
Left Right (YG): “Back That Thang Up” 2014 or nah?
Check it out at Datpiff.


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