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#GirlCandy #BAM: Sassy City Chicks Fashion Bash—

The Life As Shay Report:
Hello there my Love Angels,
The amazing folks over at Sassy City Chicks held yet another Fashion Bash Sample Sale this past week and I can honestly say that this event is the ultimate choice for a Girls’ Night Out. I saw countless groups of girlfriends and mom and daughter couples—So Sweet! Kudos to Sassy City Chicks for creating a means for busy women to take a break and enjoy themselves and each other.
So of course I was in the building—Only thing missing was MY girlfriends!!! But the set-up of the event was so brilliant that even in the situation that you came alone you would have to chit-chat and interact with others to navigate through the venue of endless #GirlCandy!
I learned of this event hours before showtime and I was able to get my media credentials in order in time BUT there was one other thing of concern –#BAM! I had gotten dressed that morning without the intentions of covering a FASHION BASH so #BAM I was going to be waaaayy too under-dressed for my liking! Yes this was the day that I decided to wear some distressed Levi’s, a relaxed T and Letterman jacket— ugh! The sheer horror!  Sometimes I feel like I won’t ever get it right but under-dressed and present is better than absent and fab—RIGHT???  Well I convinced myself of that truth and I headed over to the venue.   The Fashion Bash Sample Sale took place at the Petersen Automotive Museum and I actually was surprised to find myself more interested in the cars than the vendors—(Hahahah Only kidding!!) But you would have to be there to understand the level of greatness that took place during this event.  Picture this—old, shiny fancy cars paired with new shiny fancy clothes.  That sounds about right!!
There was a very unique collection of vendors and sponsors so that “every woman” would be covered.  The sassy, the flashy, the glamorous, the understated and any combination between! Upon entry we received goodie bags loaded with REAL goodies—not just old, dusty promo items that companies are tries to get rid of! I mean these were real swag bags #GirlCandy!! There were gift cards to JewelMint, Miss Jessie’s and John Frieda Hair Products, Lip Balm by Soft Lipsand MORE—and when I say more I really mean MORE. But back to the Bash!!  Jewelry, Accessories, Handbags, Shoes, Clothing and anything you could think of that would make a woman feel Sassy— the set-up of the vendors around the venue resembled a wonderland of sorts! I mean I really did feel like a ‘Kid-In-A-Candy Store’ only like 15 years removed from the ‘Kid’ part and the candy was #GirlCandy—you know the things that ‘Sassy Chicks’ LOVE like shiny pieces, cute bags and rocker jackets.  I saw everything from ball gowns to tie-dye shorts, the options were endless. They truly did select the  best in quality and the most original boutiques of LA and the surrounding areas to attend…There were a few in particular that caught my attention…please see my summary below.
But wait it gets better, we were showered with adornment and treated like real queens with complimentary manicures and massages, which were conveniently located near the open bar—Yup that corner was obviously created with the” stressed-out” bunch in mind and WOULD YA LOOK AT THAT-that’s where I  spent most of my time( lol Only Kidding—but not so much)
All in all—it was definitely a BASH! I got away with nothing TOO embarrassing happening so that was great! I really count my blessings now-a-days when it comes to those things!
Until next time Love Angels
Signed,My Inexplicable Life as Shay

My review of a few…
  • Excess Baggage: This place is the ultimate place to go for the fresh, simple, LA-style, ‘cute- but-not-trying-to-be’ look that is so popular here in LA  (Duhh ‘LA-Style’ for people in LA- OK got it)
  • Zoe’s Vintage: This boutique owner has a great eye for selecting vintage pieces that straddle the line of classic and trendy-modern. This is not your momma’s definition of vintage—this vintage pulls looks from some of the best eras in fashion. I would describe these pieces as bold and unique definitely for the girl that is the center of attention or the life of the party.
  • Belina: Accessories!! I overheard that they have jewelry parties as well.  Their pieces are sweet, delicate and girly with rose gold, silver and gold tones…this collection is for the more sophisticated woman that loves to be edgy and dainty at the same damn time!
  • Crush Crush Couture: Is designer jewelry with a cause. They offer a more mature, ‘classy woman’ collection of pieces that benefits those who need our help! ‘How’ you ask?—well they donate 25%– yes 2-5 % of their profit from items ordered online to the charity of your choice! Now that is something new and creative and all in the name of giving back to the community—I LOVE IT!!

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