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I had so much fun in LA! I had so much fun being around some of my most favorite celebrities. Had even more fun creating a lane for myself, BY MYSELF, with LifeAsShay.com. As you surely know by now, I hit the Quan. I went ghost. I disappeared.

I needed to. Sometimes you gotta hit the reset button and that’s exactly what I did. Music and hip hop were my first loves and I couldn’t dare think of walking away from something that has been such a central part of my life, for most of my life…BBUUUTTTTT it’s now time for something more expansive. Again, I thoroughly enjoyed the industry but the thrill from much of what I was doing in entertainment has dried up. I really don’t care about half of the BS that is reported these days and I damn sure won’t be spending much time talking about it anymore. We got bigger fish to fry!

This new blog is about nothing, it’s about everything. Shay The Plug. Let me put you on to some real life ish…

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