Getting Fat…

It’s SPRING TIME! Even though it doesn’t feel like it in Brooklyn some days. I mean moving to NYC was a big deal, but the weather….THE WEATHER. It’s like having 6 months of winter, really?? Let’s just say I thoroughly look forward to summer ‘cause I’m feeling like THEN & ONLY THEN will the weather actually break.

Butchea, so SPRING TIME. And everyone is concerned with “summer bodies” and getting right for the warm weather. I never really was concerned with my weight…well that is up until now! My main concern is GETTING FAT!

It’s time to get my weight up. Everything must elevate and I’m claiming this summer. Increase, increase, increase.

“I seen my homie Nate, he asked me if I gained weight…I SAID NAW MY POCKETS GOT FATTER THAT’S ALL!”

I’m on a grind mission this summer. I invite you to take this summer as a challenge to make improvements in all aspects of your life! Let’s get our weight up…



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