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Gambino’s Summer Pack Ends the Summer with Exotic Sweetness

The Life As Shay Report:

As students head back to school, summer hours at the office come to an end, and traffic picks back up…all we can do is reflect on the last days of Summer 2018. As you enjoy the last days before Fall, let Childish Gambino assist you in welcoming the transition from pool parties and cold beers to fallen leaves and scarfs.

Ok, so we already know that Donald Glover is one of the nation’s natural wonders but this Summer Pack has reconfirmed that. I had the honor of witnessing Glover’s 2018 Grammy performance and I fell in love. Live, his voice is sweet, pure and heavy…“Summertime Magic” is just that. It was the first song that I had the pleasure of digging into and it was like a dance party on a rooftop in Vegas MEETS the ease and comfort of a visit to a black-owned vineyard. Thanks for giving my summer another anthem.

Next, I let “Feels Like Summer” spin. This song feels like a humid, wet night in Chicago in 1959. His ad-libs and background vocals give me butterflies. The mood of the song is cautionary yet inviting. You can almost taste this track and if you could, it would taste like sweet and tangy raspberry macaroon. Smooth and soft on the outside, with a bite of exotic sweetness on the inside.

Who else can’t wait to see these performed live? Play this Summer Pack as you enjoy the final days of Summer 2018! Enjoy.

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