Funny Friday

#FunnyFriday: Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” w/ Lil’ Wanye, Big Sean, Selena Gomez and MORE

The Life As Shay Report:
The Jimmy Kimmel show has a hilarious “Mean Tweets” segment where celebrities read the HATERIFIC comments people make about them on Twitter. In honor of Kanye’s visit to the Kimmel Show, this week of “Mean Tweets” was dedicated to MUSIC and when I say it’s Hilarious- I mean you will laugh out loud, literally!!!
Here, this laugh is on me! Kick off your weekend with #FunnyFriday,

Check out the video below of everyone from Lil’ Wayne and 2Chainz to Adam Levin and the Backstreet Boyz reading off and reacting to tweets sent by you!

  Video Courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live

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