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FUNNY FRIDAY: “Lookin Boy” Hot Stylz feat. Yung Joc

The Life As Shay Report:

Today’s Funny Friday features Hot Stylz feat. Yung Joc, “Lookin Boy.” Released in 2008 and mimicking the very success street comedy show “Yo Momma”, this song is hilarious but the visuals are hysterical…I still laugh when I see the video! For those people intrigued by Nicki Minaj’s “Looking A** N*gga” you should know this song. This is where the concept of calling people out with jokes using the word “Looking” came from.

This is some funny stuff here, handle with care. I would have to say one of the funniest lines for me is “Yo Momma so slow she can’t cook minute rice, Looking Boy.” This song makes  countless funny TV show, film and music references…sit back and see if you can catch up.

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