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Friday the 13th Edition: Top 5 “Unlucky” Moments in Music

Today is Friday the 13th and while everyone is trying to watch for any bad omens or signs of misfortune to come, I have the top 5 Unlucky Moments in Music. You know those things that really made you sit back and say wow… “They must have crossed a black cat, walked under a ladder or broken a mirror recently.” Check out some of the most oddly unfortunate moments to date:

1) Starting off our countdown is the King of Pop and the World’s Most Favorite Performer, the beloved Michael Jackson. Back 1983, MJ’s hair caught on fire during the filming of a Pepsi commercial. The commercial featured pyrotechnics, an early explosion went off and cause this very unlucky scene to take place.

Reenactment (Snippet from The American Dream film)

2) The next not-so-lucky music moment goes to an unsuspecting fan at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards. When you attend awards shows you plan for a long day of filming, celebrity sightings, maybe even a quick ‘selfie’ with your favorite artist, if you’re LUCKY… but this one fan had her luck tested when standing in the audience pit near the stage landed her a neck, karate chop from Miguel. Good thing he’s a small guy. Nothing could have prepared her!

3) Moving right along, we have the next person up to take their place in the Hall-of-Fame for the Most Unlucky Moments in Music… Drake. One moment he was on stage, the next moment he’s was not. A torn ACL will do that to a rapper.

4) Even the Queen Beyonce had her day. She took a neck breaking spill back in 2007 while performing in Orlando…With all of her practice, skill and balance, having Beyonce tip over was the last thing that any of her fans could have expected. This must have been a bad omen.

5) Shoutout to DJ Big Kap, who almost lost his job because of the NYC summer heat. Sounds rather unlucky to me! While performing with the Biggie at Summer Jam in 1995, the heat of the summer began to melt the records and caused for a messy DJ set. Biggie wasn’t having it and threw a bottle of water…before stomping of stage of course.

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