New Music

#FRESH. NEW MUSIC ALERT!!: Jhene Aiko feat. Childish Gambino #BedPeace

The #LifeAsShay Report is checking in with NEW MUSIC on this Wednesday Morning. Jhene Aiko‘s Bed Peace feat. Childish Gambino.
Truth be told, this song is not brand-spanking new but damnit it’s so #FRESH it could be NEW for as long as it pleases.
Let me put you up on a lil McSecret of mine! You know a song is amazing when the title is not used throughout the song, the title more so describes the song. (Let  that marinate) And Yes Sir! That’s what we have here, this song DESCRIBES “Bed Peace.”
After listening, I feel like I just took a LONG, HOT SHOWER AND ROLLED AROUND IN A BED OF BABY POWDER–Just that #Fresh. Oh my dear Jhene, they ain’t ready.

Melodic. Sweet. With lyrics that could easily come from your favorite rapper.

Check it out and thank me later.

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