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Flashback: EVE’s “Who’s That Girl”-Meeting the pitbull in a Skirt

The Life As Shay Report:

Can we make today a Flashback Friday? Keeping up with the latest in Hip Hop is what I do, but I can’t help but miss where Hip Hop came from and those heavy hitters that really left a mark on me and the industry. And today goes to EVE…whew! When I say “BOSS”!

Unfortunately, the first interaction I had with Eve was a year ago at the 2013 Hip Hop Awards and I stepped on her foot AND walked in front of an interview she was doing. Not even sure how that happened but the look on her face…put it like this, “she is STILL a pitbull in a skirt.” Looking at this video gives me chills, this was Hip Hop for me coming up! Man, here goes today’s Flashback Friday!

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