Finding Your Way…

Life, mmh mmh life! It really has a way of turning you in different directions when you least expect it. I, myself, have been very fortunate to pursue just about everything that my heart has desired up to this point. I have traveled, explored, tried, tasted, liked, disliked, created, learned etcetera etcetera. And the best part is that it’s ONLY THE BEGINNING.

I urge you to live your life too, make mistakes and try those things that seem impossible. I implore you. Really, taking chances is the only way for you to discover you. How can you find your way if you never find your way. Ok, might be better stated like this: “How can you find your way if you never move in any direction.” I promise you that moving in the wrong direction is much better than staying dormant. You have to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes. You have to have those bad experiences to understand the great ones to come. It’s really the circle of life and while we do have to face reality with bills, responsibilities and other adult-things (that no one wants to deal with…) remember that those things will always be there. That phone bill, that car note, those things will remain…please don’t allow life’s demands to worry you and rob you of your amazing moments in life.

As you actively pursue your happiness and work at finding your way…don’t forget that the MAJOR KEY here is “experiences” and “doing”. So, YES, sometimes you do have to take that trip, enjoy that fancy dinner or make an investment in something you believe in. “Long as the outcome is income *insert Drake’s emotions here*” And remember that income is not always dividends, income could be anything that increases your happiness, sharpens your skills, evaluates you and gets you closer to your goals. That’s called an investment. And that, my friend, is the only way to “find your way.”

Invest in your vision and allow your experiences to shape your journey.  

Music: “Moment for Life”- Nicki Minaj ft. Drake

Reading: Finding Your Way in a Wild New World: Reclaim Your True Nature to Create the Life You Want- Martha Beck


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