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Last evening news broke! Officer Darren Wilson of Ferguson will not be indicted for the murder of unarmed teen, Michael Brown. Some people would love to say that race is not the issue, so for those readers I left out “black” describing the teen and “white” describing the cop. AND it still reads as an injustice.

Riots, looting and fires prevailed after the verdict was released and protest took place in major cities around the country.

Below was my take on the matter a few months ago when the tragedy took place. My stance has not changed. We really have to stick together; the implications of this continued disregard for the lives of African Americans has the surefire potential of inciting, not just a civil war, but a world war. Don’t just speak for what you believe in, take action! Our future generations and liberty depends on it.

And the only song that comes to mind is Michael Jackson’s “They Don’t Care About Us.” Allow this song to inspire you to change for all.

They Don’t Care About Us

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